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  • With solid credit and on time loan payment system in the industry, THREEWAY promotes steady fiscal policy and risk management.
    Our relationship with the suppliers has been promoted from the initial simple supply to strategic alliance. We view suppliers as the tree root, without which and it's continuous nutrition the big “THREEWAY Tree” can’t survive. Only keep the tree evergreen can root and tree grow together.
    We have always committed to provide customers with quality products and competitive market prices,making prudent choice in every raw material purchase and manufacturing technique control

  • If your enterprise has a certain competitive advantage and management quality, welcome to join our strategic alliance for mutual develop and growth !

  • Qualification:
    1.Adopt ISO 9001:2000 or TS16949 quality management system.
    2.Obtain independent legal person status.
    3.Have certain business operation.
    4.Over three years’ experience in quality enterprises’ cooperation, no bad record.

    Now our alliances are:

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